About Us

JC Team is a trifecta investment fund headquartered in Toronto, Canada. 

Jani Ventures

We invest early and follow on strategic capital in technology driven unicorns through our Ventures arm, Jani Ventures. As a venture partner, we roll up our sleeves and get down to the intricacies attached with your business and add strategic initiatives that accelerate meaningful growth. Learn about our investment thesis.

JC Capital

Empowering traditional companies, that are yet to use the power of technology, through our capital arm, JC Capital. As a capital partner, we understand and support your cash flow necessities and act as a true partner that believes in your vision, and positions unique engagement methods that provide you the most upside.

Jani Entertainment

Celebrating the success of our investments is as important as building through it. We facilitate, co-invest in entertainment initiatives esp. In the Indo-Canadian corridor to enable cross border niche entertainment experiences. We initiate, and co-invest in large entertainment experiences and content.

Our Vision

To become synonymous with the word growth by scaling at least one investee to soonicorn level every year.

Our Mission

To offer, our investees and investors, a transparent and process oriented methodology whichnegates and transcends bias and preference.

We are born of a clear and present need for transparency not just by an investor but as much by the prospective investee.

We work lean and we work hard - very hard - only because we like to party hard. We keep creating success stories to celebrate.

JC is open to a varied industry mix just so long as it has technology at its core because, we understand tech in all its forms and we pride ourselves on our ability to see the value and create the path to scale it up.