Investment Thesis

Strategic Investments. Building Ecosystems.

Investment Thesis

Strategic Investments. Building Ecosystems. 

We believe that there is no repeatable recipe to tech investments where one size fits all companies.

However, there are key indicators that we evaluate when seeking to empower companies with strategic investments.


Experience and dedication of founding management build powerful value chains. We recognize this to be the most common denominator in all tech driven successful companies. 

Proof of Product

Market Fit - You don’t have to have millions of dollars in revenue to identify a Unicorn early. We need to understand the crux of your company, and like to see early indications of your core markets so we can invest to accelerate growth in each targeted market


Having the best product in a declining industry is not as exciting as progressing to become a leader in an industry that is considerably growing, changing and adapting newer ways to conduct business while outgrowing the ecosystem.


Every company has their superpower. It is important to understand these and fuel them with the right kind of investment

Strategic investment is the cheapest source of capital available to a company at any given stage of their business. Sometimes capital is just not enough to accelerate growth. You need doers who will roll up their sleeves with you at times you need it the most.